Eulises Niebla Pérez, I was born on August 21, 1963 in a city of Cuba called Matanzas. In 1975 I decided to establish a permanent link with the Plastic Arts and I studied the pertinent studies to complete this type of education, finishing with graduation at the ISA, Higher Institute of Arts of Havana, in 1990. During this period I saw my curriculum grow both nationally and internationally, with some awards and mentions and a scholarship in 1992 to «Delfina foundation» in London.

During that time I was very active in my work, achieving very good interaction with the media and the London system. I am interested in closed gallery spaces and I also dabble in public and environmental art. I have works in Spain, England, Germany and others, where I was also able to share in events and symposiums with renowned figures of world art.

At that time I was fortunate to be invited to the project «Devoradores de energía», an itinerant and agglutinating space that involved the best of Cuban art and where I was fortunate enough to be widely disseminated around the world. In my mainly sculptural work, the use of materials such as metal, glass and bolts and tensors is evident. During my professional growth in Cuba I had the unconditional sympathy of being invited to a long trail of symposiums and international events, where in addition to sharing among colleagues, we had the incentive to leave a permanent environmental work.

In the way of expressing my motivation I found a way to drink in North American minimal art. In Ramírez Villamizar, who I was also able to meet personally, I found at a time in my life, a strong influence, Gelen Escobedo, Richard Serra and others also helped me to forge my discourse. In the last five years from the United States I have continued my work with a different morphology where the curved movement and visual lightness accuse the metal of being not very heavy. Over time I am proud to say that I have works in several private collections, most notably Falver and the Vienna Museum of Art.


Eulises Niebla Perez, Matanzas, Cuba, August 21, 1963

1984 – 89 Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba.
1980 – 84 National School of Art (ENA), Havana, Cuba.
1975 – 79 Provincial School of Art, Matanzas, Cuba.

Personal Exhibitions
2008 Tropical Tsunami, ENA, Matanzas.
2004 Projects for My City, «Pedro Esquerré» Art Gallery, Matanzas.
1993 New Artists Show, London, UK.
1991 Provincial Art Gallery of Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Group Exhibitions
2021 Group Exhibition, Context Art Miami Blink Group Fine Gallery, Miami, FL.
2021 Group Exhibition, Tridimensional, Silvia Dorfsman, Miami, FL.
2016 Group Exhibition, 80th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Roberto Diago School of Plastic Arts, Matanzas.
2016 Collective Expo, In Praise of Memory, Pedro Esquerre Gallery. Matanzas.
2015 Collective Expo, Hot. Pedro Esquerre Art Gallery. Matanzas.
2014 Collective Expo, 30 x 30, Espacio Varadero Gallery.
2014 Group Exhibition, The weight of an idea, Collage Gallery, Havana.
2013 Expo for the 50th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks, Santiago de Cuba.
2012 Collective Expo, collateral to the Bayamo Symposium for the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Rita Longa.
2012 Group Exhibition, Deeply Superficial, Collateral XI Havana Biennial.
2011 Expo Art for Excellence, Orígenes Gallery, Havana.
2011 Expo for the 70th Anniversary of the TARASCO Academy of Plastic Arts. Untitled Work.
2011 Expo of Artists Awarded in the Salons Roberto Diago, Work Concentration.
2011 Collateral Expo to the Salon Roberto Diago. Work The eye of Cibeles.
2009 «Buque Petrolero», Invited Artist, X Biennial of Havana, Cuba (With Reinerio Tamayo).
2009 Collective Expo «Pure coincidence» (The abstracts), Collateral X Havana Biennial, Expo cuba, Cuba
2009 Crisis (the flags), Collateral X Havana Biennial, Expo cuba, Cuba
2007 Collective Expo «Devourers of Energy», Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2007 Collective Expo «Devourers of Energy», Triennale of Milan, Italy.
2007 Collective Expo «Devourers of Energy» in Alubera Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
2007 Expo Monsters Energy Devouring Monsters, Casa de America, Madrid, Spain.
2006 Collective Expo, San Francisco de Asis Convent, Havana, Cuba.
2006 9th Havana Biennial, «Instruction Manual», Collateral. 2004 National Salon of Awarded, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana.
2003 Varadero International Gallery «Salon of Award Winners».
2000 National Library. «21 el XXI», Havana.
1999 At the UNEAC headquarters in «Saludo al 26 de julio» (Salute to July 26).
1999 Provincial Art Center. «The Shortest Road» Matanzas, Cuba.

Awards and Mentions
2016 Mention in the Salon Elogio a la Memoria, Matanzas Gallery.
2003 Third Prize at the Roberto Diago Salon, work Es-Tres, Matanzas, Cuba.
1999 First Prize at the VIII Roberto Diago Salon, Matanzas, Cuba Work: «Sobre el Río más puro» («On the purest river»).
1998 First Prize at the II National Salon of Plastic Arts, Varadero International. UNEAC, Cuba Work: Icarus, challenge and immortality.
1998 First Prize of the Salon in the VII Roberto Diago Salon, Matanzas, Cuba, Work: Icarus, the fourth dimension of flight.
1996 Salon Prize at the VII Roberto Diago Salon, Matanzas, Cuba, Work: Icarus, the fourth dimension of flight. Work: Es- tres.
1994 Prize of the Hall and prize of the UNEAC in the III Provincial Hall Roberto Diago, Matanzas, Cuba, Work: Without title. Work: Untitled.
1992-1993 Scholarship in Delfina Studios Trust, London, UK.
1987 Prize in the I festival of the Creation, Superior Institute of Art (ISA). Havana, Cuba. Untitled work.
1984 First Small Sculpture Salon Las Tunas, Cuba Title: Que levante la mano la guitarra (Let the guitar raise its hand).

Participation in Sculpture Events
2012 Symposium, Marble Sculpture, Bayamo 2012.
2010 Symposium, Large Format Sculpture, Caguayo, Santiago de Cuba.
2009 National Symposium in Scrap, Ciego de Avila.
2009 International Symposium of Sculpture in Forge. Germany
2008 Flight of Bronze Event, Santiago de Cuba.
2000 International Sculpture Colloquium (CODEMA).
1998 International Symposium Marble Sun, Cayo Largo, Isla de la Juventud. Cuba, Placed Work.
1991 Experimental Workshop of Ephemeral Sculpture during the IV Biennial of Havana, Cuba.
1989 National Symposium Moa 89, Holguin, Cuba, Installed Work.
1988 II International Symposium Forma, Sol y Prado, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, Placed Work.
1983 I International Symposium Forma, Sun and Sea as assistant student, Varadero, Cuba.

Commissioned Works
2002 Varamar Real Estate. Varadero, Large Format Sculpture, Large Format Ceramic Mural.
2001 Reina del Mar Real Estate, Cienfuegos, Large Format Sculpture.
1999 Varadero Grand Hotel. Cuba. Medium Format Sculpture.
1999 Coralias Club Hotel, Varadero, Cuba. Steel Sculpture.
1998 Plaza America Convention Center Varadero, Cuba, Monumental Bronze Sculpture.
1998 Villa Cuba II Hotel, Varadero, Cuba, Steel Sculpture.
1997 Plaza America Convention Center, Varadero, Cuba, Cement Mural.
1996 Kawama Hotel, Varadero, Cuba. Wood Mural.
1995 Suchel Factory, Jovellanos, Matanzas, Cuba. Steel Sculpture.
1994 Super Club Hotel, Varadero, Cuba. Cement Mural.
1993 Delfina Entrecanales Residence, London, UK. Steel Sculpture.
1993 Junco Palace Provincial Museum, Matanzas, Cuba, Steel Sculpture.
1992 Varadero Amphitheater, Cuba, Steel Sculpture.
1991 El Balcón Unión de Reyes Hotel, Matanzas, Cuba, Steel Sculpture.

Private Collections
2022 Juan Terrera, Pinecret Miami, FL, USA.
2021 Carlos Pinilla, Coral Gables, Miami, FL, USA.
2019 Ivan Herrera, Tahiti Beach Island Rd, Coral Gables, Miami, FL, USA.
1993 Defina Entrecanales, London, UK.
1993 Teresa Entrecanales, Madrid, Spain.
1993 Alim Smith, London, UK.

Gallery Collections
2021 Evey Fine Art. County Rd Palm Beach, FL, USA.
2008 Vienna Museum of Art, Austria, Maximiliun Reiss.
1994 University of Essex, UK.
1993 Delfina Studios Trust, London, UK. Two works.
1993 The Hannah Peschar Gallery, Ockley, UK.

2001 Environmental Sculpture for Instructores School, Matanzas, Cuba.
1999 Small Format Sculpture for the headquarters of the Provincial UNEAC, Matanzas, Cuba.
1998 Medium Format Sculpture for the PCC headquarters, Matanzas, Cuba.
1993 Drawing to raise funds for the Cancer Hospital Centre, London, UK.
1990 Environmental Sculpture in commemoration of the 26th of July, Perico, Matanzas, Cuba.

Shifting Horizons Collective Catalog, Casa de las Americas Consortium, Essex University, London. (1999)
Collective Catalog Fifty Cuban Plastic Artists (Union Editions) (2002).
New Millennium Collective Catalog of Contemporary Cuban Artists (2006).
Cubaplus Magazine Volume 34 (dedicated to the Work Eulises Niebla) (2015)

He has participated as a juror in several events. Member of the jury of the 2002 Plastic Arts Award.
He has given lectures and talks on his work at various universities and schools in Cuba.